A Beast Inside ( A train of thought poem)

A beast inside is breathing

roused from tranquilized sleep

into my mind he claws

surviving on my peace

he is my oldest enemy

I used to think him a friend

from his slumber, he has arisen

to come face me  again

Many times I had tried to trap him

every time he did escape

He and I are in the arena

the outcome rests in fate

I have sharpened my arrows

and honed my skill

He won’t surrender

He must be killed

His heart beat is anxiety

His mind is made of muck

His blood is my tears

His every breath says ” You’re not enough”

His Aura is fear

His eyes reflect death

His mouth is a sneer

To reason his ears are deaf

This once thought friend

Who is a foe

We have battled for many years

He chased me to the ends of the earth

and he found me here

He doesn’t know I’ve been training

He doesn’t know I’ve got support

He doesn’t know I’ve been praying

He doesn’t know I’ve found worth

We may dance until I die

and fall in times abyss

He may chase after me

my whole life was preparing for this

the ever looming battle

before gray dawn may break

failure is not an option

my future is at stake

So before the twilight I am humbled

I wait for the trumpets of war

In my temple, I am praying

While he gnaws at its doors

A beast inside has arisen

That beast was always me

I was the one who raised him

I set him free

It is my time to right my wrongs

and sneak into his soul

to bring him peace and tranquility

illuminate a beast inside


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