The Team

Ross & his mom, Karen.

The Beginning

Spiritual Phoenix Studios began when Ross recorded the destruction of his old way of life.  A very rough concept for a blog followed afterward and then The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast began on October 31, 2016.  The early workings of this concept quite literally saved Ross‘ life in more ways that can be expressed.


Spiritual Phoenix Studios has evolved substantially since it’s inception.

  • We have helped people around the world with the podcast.
  • We have published Ross‘ first book, Vagrant Verses.
  • We have begun to expand our area of influence.


Our future is bright and while we can’t say for certain what will happen we hope to accomplish the following.

  • Publish more of Ross‘ work.
  • Begin to provide workshops, classes, and events nationally.
  • Develop a way to give back that is in line with our business.
  • Help more people change their lives and get the most out of their experience.