Accepting the faults of others

Accepting the faults of others can be a difficult but much-needed goal, if only for our own inner peace. I recently had an instance where someone in recovery led me to anger and resentment by not understanding my choice. After making a suggesting which I vocalized my opinion about they proceeded to attempt to force feed it with what I perceived as harshness and brashness that were hallmarks of me in my illness.

The person clearly misunderstood because they polarized my decision, heard what they wanted and proceeded to repeatedly verbally assault my choice.  I need to remember that just because someone is in recovery doesn’t mean they are working a good program. Relying on platitudes that generalize a large section of people minimizes the effectiveness of their message.

I am able to forgive this person for what I perceive as their own misconception about my recovery.  I realize they are sick just like I am and are capable of ego, reacting poorly, as well as having good intentions that are lost in how they choose to transmit them.  I could have reacted better myself.  I don’t wish to polarize them or discredit the help they have given me to get to where I am.  However, the person involved consistently would tell me you can’t give what you don’t have and after seeing their response I realize I need to branch out and give them some distance.  I may have learned all I can from them at this time.  I wish them peace, a deeper understanding of respecting the choices of others and success in their life.


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