Description of Anti Stress:

The name of this one says it all.  Turn down the lights, put on some relaxing music, curl up with a nice cup of coffee or tea and let the stress melt away.

Visualization for Anti Stress:

Close your eyes and picture yourself in your current setting.  As you picture yourself in your current setting imagine a thought bubble appearing over your head with an even more serene location.  Now as you inhale picture the energy of the more serene space filtering into your real-world surroundings. Feel the calmness. As you are picturing the calmness coming into your location imagine it gently easing any stress you are feeling into a purple flame that surrounds your body purifying it. Continue this visualization until you feel at peace.


Breaks All:

This incense is a metaphysical depth charge and if burning with intention, its use should be carefully considered.  It can be used in cord cutting rituals, banishing practices, ending curses or other such spells that hope to severe ties.

Visualization for Breaks All:

Close your eyes and picture the issue you wish to “break” like a marble statue. If you can’t decide a form for your issue, a marble ring will work fine.  Take a deep and relaxing breath in and as you do imagine little cracks starting to form in the statue. When your lungs are full, pause for a second. Now as you exhale picture the image exploding with heavy force.  Repeat this exercise as needed.


Description for Pure House:

This incense is used to help you clear out any negative energies or entities that might be inhabiting your space.  Use this incense to make space for more of what you want in your life.

Visualization for Pure House:

Close your eyes and visualize the unwanted energies or entities in your house as a physical messy house.  Now visualize the incense helping to tidy up this mess and restoring balance. Another visualization for this is to picture the negative energies or entities as a black or brown film over your environment.  Imagine the incense wiping away this mess.


Description of Meditation:

Burn to help you more easily develop or maintain a meditation practice.  The use of this incense can help you get in touch with a deeper sense of peace.

Visualization for Meditation:

Close your eyes and picture the smoke pacifying your mind.  Focus your awareness on your breath, breathing in peace and stillness and exhaling anxiety and stress.  Continue this visualization for as long as needed.

Description for 7 Powers: Burn to help cultivate the following

  • Power of perception – How you perceive reality impacts it.
  • Power of unityFocus on similarities, not differences.
  • Power of attentionYour focus impacts your perception.
  • Power of free willYou are responsible for yourself.
  • Power of acceptanceLife happens on life’s terms.
  • Power of loveFind the good in others.
  • Power of intentionSet goals in practical fashions.

Visualization for 7 Powers:

Close your eyes and focus on your breath.  Imagine as you breathe in a divine energy is entering your aura from the cosmos.  As you breathe out picture any obstructions to you receiving this energy dissolving.   On your next breath in start to imagine the first of the seven powers entering your soul, pause in between your breath and as you exhale picture any obstructions to this power being removed.  Continue this process through all of the remaining 7 powers.


Description for Unlock:

Burn to help you open up new possibilities for your life.  This can be incredibly useful to aid you in overcoming current obstacles.  In order to maximize the usefulness of this product, it’s important to be doing the footwork.  You can’t unlock something that isn’t there.

Visualization for Unlock:

Close your eyes and visualize the situation that you feel is “locked” in your life right now.  Take a deep breath and imagine the incense smoke flowing into a lock ( it could be a door lock, a key lock for a locker, a gate, etc.) As you exhale, imagine the sound a lock being open and visual the lock opening.  Repeat this exercise for several breaths.