An Invisible Path ( A train of thought poem)

An invisible path to nowhere and everywhere

It is both where the sidewalk ends and begins

Infinite grains of sand falling

into limitless eternity

having found the traces of

the ethereal graffiti of my past carnations

I ebb both towards the shore and the sea

this body is a driftwood canoe

my soul the waves soaking into the sand

I am both a piece of everything and a piece of nothing

slow vibration condensed into matter

my tonality has been imprinted on this existence

before I as I currently am existed

It was a matter of the tuning fork of my soul

connecting to forgotten frequencies

Frequently I find in Familiar new places

Not in Deja Vu but Deja New

Similar places to where I once roamed

but also in new physical existence

Lost locations in new creations

I have finished my puzzle by losing its pieces

Having viewed the veil of the mysteries

and sneaking a peak of profound proportions

I am perplexed by the simplicity of it all

The ultimate knowing is knowing it ultimately unknowable

Through my own loss, I have gained

Through my own gain, I have lost

I inhabit the hallowed halls

of the invisible mystery schools

but I have to run

I’m late for class


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