An Ode to Lights

To all the lights that have are and yet to come

your birth is from combustion

the polarity of positive or negative

or bioluminescence

sometimes one

sometimes three

you exist in the realm

of forms in all things

when one considers

that we are created from an explosion

that we and all life

are made of star stuff

it illuminates this reality

some will say

better to burn out

than to fade away


that is the physical light

the spiritual light

that exists in our essence

does not fade when we

ignite it to the fullest

it transcends time

as that is a human construct

Like Paper Lanterns

that Float into the universal Ocean

of limitless depth and size

light lives on

not in memory

ingrained in the essence

of all that is

when people fade from the physical

when their lives are no longer remembered

we exist in the memory of the mysteries

one that spans all time

we exist in the infinite moment

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