Compassion for others has been something I have learned over time. As I continue my journey towards mental wellness and transforming addiction to true connection a stark reality starts to seep in.  The healthier my mind becomes and the more true connections I form based on love and friendship the more I  expose myself to what I used to attempt to escape. The sickness of our culture and society at large.  Addiction, poor emotional regulation and mental illness of others becomes a constant reminder of my progress, a reminder to where I can return and a reminder to the struggle I must endure if I am to achieve my true potential.

I need to remember compassion for those less fortunate than myself as I have had the luxury of sorting myself out for some time without much reality seeping in. I have had all the necessary requirements to ascend Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs with the exception of the pinnacle which I am beginning to climb. If I cannot look at what I perceive as someone’s mistreatment, misunderstanding or abuse, emotional, mental or physical as an illness I have forgotten where I have come from and all I have learned.

People are not required to understand, respect, or treat me as I see fit. I am required by my principles and conscious to respond to their perceived mistreatment as I have learned.  Which is with compassion, understanding, and acceptance.  I may not always be initially successful at this but I pray to the fathomless unknown that I see the errors in my perception before it poisons my peace. I am not required to tolerate abuse but I am required to respond in a healthy way for myself, which is calm, cool and collected toward the perpetrator.

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