Cosmic Reminder

A cosmic reminder

awakening in the middle of the night

Thinking of a shooting star and seeing one

A wink from the mysteries

or sometimes when they embrace

with those compound synchronicities

a thought and then multiple meaningful moments

that stretch beyond the realm of possibility

to tell you that we have a trickster in our midst

that song title that displays itself in affirmation of the preceding thought

or a shooting star that of all the moments you could have awoken

you witness

Some say you only see synchronicities because you are looking for them

others see a gold and think it to be dog shit

Maybe I am mad for believing that some force is presenting itself in front of me

or Maybe they are mad for taking something so magical and reducing it to dust

But alas Dust, what a mystical thing that is

A post card from the past to the present

To tell you that it once existed

Dust, made up of elements of all the life that have lived

and dirt

dirt both tomb and womb of life

when I die, burn my shell and place my ashes at the base of a tree

the abandoned shell of a hermit soul

watch a fairy ring take hold at that spot

as my final wink and a nod that there is more to this all


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