Emotional Baggage

Why we should check out emotional baggage at the door.

I write this as I go on my first vacation in four years,  so it is an appropriate time to talk about baggage.  If I was still carrying all the things I ever owned I would still be stuck at the baggage counter.  Similar to how holding onto how holding onto our old emotional baggage could delay us from reaching our flight on time or ultimately missing it all together.

I am thankful I have done as much soul searching and have had the isolation, and environment to allow me to sort through the things I cling to and figure out what is useful, what can be repurposed and what I can ultimately get rid of.

As I continue on my journey of life, whose destination is the yawning grave I must be mindful of my actions.  I am responsible for what I cling to and in order to maintain the weightlessness of spirit I must be mindful of my thoughts, actions, and reactions.  In order to do this, I need to do a daily inventory and discard what is necessary by making amends to myself and those injured by my words.

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