Exorcising my possessions

Exorcising my possessions, like I do in this video has been beyond helpful for me. I have smoked pot for almost 20 years.  That is more than half of my life.  On 9/2/16 I admitted I was powerless over drugs, alcohol being one of them.   I destroyed my possessions two weeks later.  The quality of life I gained since is surreal.  It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows but you need the rain so new things can grow. I am grateful that I was able to reconnect with myself.  I have a lot of work ahead of me to rebuild my life after 20 years of substance use and abuse.  Thankfully I am young and am surrounded by people who can relate and are willing to listen as well as offer advice.

A thought on powerlessness

Prior to starting recovery powerlessness was a nefarious word in my vocabulary, now it is actually empowering.  Exorcising my possessions was a physical action that represented my powerlessness.  Having the trinkets and baubles of addiction lying around was like letting specters into my sacred space.  I could have tempted fate, but that is where the powerlessness comes in.  Seeing the accouterments of addiction continually could have been extremely detrimental to my recovery but thankfully my former sponsor made this suggestion.  It was the start of my recovery and the start of a new life.

Exorcising my possessions

Exercise means to drive out or attempt to drive out an evil spirit from a person or place.  One definition of Possession is the state of being controlled by a demon or spirit.  Following the logic of the things you own, own you, I exorcised the demons within my drug paraphernalia that had taken control of me, my life and my better judgment. Today, I am free.



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