First Speech

This is the first speech I ever gave about my experience with mental health and addiction.  As little as a month before I had told a friend how I could never give a speech.  When I first agreed to do this speech I was very afraid. I was new to recovery and working through mental health issues without the self-prescribed medication I had used for years.  Thankfully it went over much better than I anticipated and I was able to grow from the experience.

I learned a lot from this first speech, one of them being that if you face your fears you can use that wasted energy for your own good. Some other things that I learned from my first speech were, I am better at speaking about my experiences than I could have imagined, people want to hear my message and that I can impact people with my story.

I admit that this isn’t the best speech, my nervousness is apparent, my lack of preparation noticeable and I clung to my notes like a lifeline. All of those are ok, I don’t ever want to try and give the perfect speech because that isn’t possible in my opinion.


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