Healing Stones

Amethyst: Healing

Assists with meditation and provides calm, peaceful energy. Improves communication with spiritual forces, encourages healing from addictive behavior patterns.  Aids transmuting negative energy into positive loving energy.
Chakra: Activates the crown chakra.


Blue Quartz: Communication

Aids connection to and communication with others, including spirit guides/angels.   It improves diplomacy in difficult situations, enabling thoughtfulness and consideration. It is often used to cleanse and clear energy blockages.
Chakra: Throat Chakra

Clear Quartz: Knowledge, Healing

Clears blockages and amplifies body energy.  Opens the heart and mind to guidance from guides, spirits, and otherworldly teachers and healers.   Intensifies healing and spiritual growth.
Chakras: Harmonizes with all chakras

Green Quartz: Transmutation

Transmutes negative energy to a positive state.  Opens and stabilizes the heart chakra.   Encourages empathy and goodwill which can aid in creating a positive vibration for a person.
Chakra: Heart Chakra

Orange Calcite: Amplifies and cleanses energy

Enhances natural gifts and positive energies.  It assists in the release of past traumas and emotional blockage.   Clears negative energy in people and spaces.  Supports change, new habits and new ways of thinking.
Chakras: Crown and Sacral

Red Jasper: Insight
Supports insight during mediation on situations. Other benefits include providing tranquility, support, and protection in times of stress. Also said to aid in grounding and connection with nature and the Earth
Chakra:  Root Chakra


Rose Quartz: Love

Promotes love and kindness. Relieves tension, stress, and anxiety.  Can help heal emotional trauma and calm the mind. Beneficial for spiritual attunement and balancing yin-yang energy.
Chakra:  Heart Chakra