Hidden galaxies – A mantra poem of peace and truth


Hidden Galaxies

An invisible sun always surrounds us

and it guides through the dark

a peaceful resolution will be found

for the competition ignorance sparked

Celebration is soon at hand

as anything positive can be held

seeds from the labors of love

grow friends sent from above

a firm foundation will be established

regardless of the mud

As we walk our path intuitively

reverence for the past comes naturally

Our inner artist, dreamer, poet

birthed from the phoenix flames of yesterday

our abundance will increase

when we take the leap

hidden galaxies exist

in our minds, under our feet

The mystic hermit ponders

The invisible threads of life

what foolish rulers squander visibly

invisible threads make light


The mantra of the hidden galaxies can be used as a reminder that things will become peaceful again, and the truth will always surface.

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