I am the third pillar

A lost one

made to wander

and wonder who I was

thousands of miles traveled

To the city of Sin

To the Forests of Yore

To the Isles of Isolation

To back where it began

I know this land

I feel it’s pulse

Erratic, overworked and stressed

Innumerable sleepless nights

compounded upon one another

Drowning every sorrow in substances

Materialism, ego, iconography, intolerance, judgment, ignorance

the predominant religions

I have traveled this land

like blood, coursing through its highway veins

to find that a geographical cure

didn’t exist for my misery, insanity, addiction, loneliness, anger, hypocrisy, ego

I possessed the cure in every location

in every situation

in every moment

of every instance

I was the cure

It was only until I was utterly consumed

and my soul sickness, caused me to lose my soul

that I could recover and regain it

reincarnated while I still breathed

after many deaths as I existed

Only to be reunited with who I was supposed to be

after losing who I thought I was

I will always be following the steps

of my future self

The one who has what I want

under the direction of the Mysteries

through lessons learned from mistakes

from actions corrected by a higher self

I found who I was supposed to be

in the very place, I lost myself

but I couldn’t have found who I am

until I looked elsewhere

only to find who I am not

My heart was revitalized in the heartland

with the mind of a psychedelic saint

appreciated only through abstinence of substances

both the ultimate good and evil reside inside me

Who will I be today?

I surrender to the mysteries to reveal that to me

with their guidance, I will be neither

I am the middle path to the one destination

I am the third pillar


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