My addiction was insatiable

always hungry, gnawing at my soul

eating a hole in my spirituality

only to fill the void with insanity

incessantly clawing at my mind

searching for hours for satisfaction

only to devour my once thought serenity

with ravenous frenzy

this perpetual cycle of suffering

would have followed me to the grave

and into the infinity after existence

however, a higher power had other plans

it broke me to the point of surrender

there is strength in surrender that is unattainable in defeat

I am a broken spirit slowly being filled

with the gold of shared experience, strength and hope

now I am insatiably chasing recovery

when I am not, I am regressing towards relapse

I am grateful for the things that broke me,

made me insane, hurt me, angered me

they feed the flames of insatiable recovery

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