Light Seed

In the depths of my darkness

a seed of light was planted

it took root in the ruthless soil

of a toxic mind and soul

the tender tendrils of illumination

searched through soul scars

finding purchase in the putrid parts

through organic natural processes

ethereal enzymes eliminated the toxins

the mud puddle of my mind cleared

only after I stopped thrashing in the silt

The seed was love

The seed was hope

the seed was strength

The seed was purpose

The seed was life

It could only thrive in the correct conditions

can only be cultivated in confusion and calamity

order out of chaos

pleasure from pain

life from death

Sacred from profane

joy from misery

water from flame

light from dark

I chose to be warrior priest in a garden

While I waged tireless wars against myself

The internal landscape became unkempt

the streams became clogged

the land became swamps

riddled with reptiles, insects, pestilence

a hurricane ignited a wildfire

the force of water cleared some debris

the fire burned the rest

this seed of light grew through the skull of my former self

an ever unfolding lotus in a tranquil meadow stream

surrounded by fragrant flowers

Honeysuckle, violets, Jasmine, Rose and orchids

The fruit of the pomegranate and apple trees

mature in the orchards of infinity

Although I know not the date or times

Who I am now has lived on this earth before

in darker times and brighter ones

when the conditions exist

I am reanimated into the souls

the broken, the bleak, the black

this may be one of my last existences

but I may propagate new seeds through soul sex

the pollinators of my purpose are my words and actions

will I achieve my purpose of spreading my experience

sharing the unwritten laws and the initiation into the invisible mystery schools?

Who is to say I haven’t already achieved this?

Regardless if I alone can or do, I am not the only seed of light that has sprouted.

Countless others exist and have been successful

When I slip into infinity crumbled to the dust of eternity

My legacy won’t ever be understood by material eyes

In the eyes of the All I will have achieved my purpose

To blossom, To share, To die, To return.

The cycle of a seed fulfilled.


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