Meditate on Madness

A Train of Thought Poem

I meditate on Madness

To tell you where I’ve been

words cannot express

The landscapes held within

Pristine, Perfect, Paradise

Decaying, Desolate, Death

I choose heaven or hell

with every single breath

Any thought I follow

Can lead me where it will

I have to lead my thoughts

I have taken the red pill

no antidote for knowing

can’t unsee the seen

The curtain it was lifted

I saw behind the scenes

Am I the dream or the dreamer

The butterfly or the man

A puppet, prince or pauper

are the same where I stand

in middle earth, I meddle

for Tathagata,  I toil

in metamorphosis, I exist

my chrysalis the soil

my soul was stained by actions

currently, I soak in bleach

I came as I was

This was out of my reach

No Mud, No Lotus

No Madness, No sanity

No Magic, No Hocus Pocus

No Dreams, No Calamity

No anguish, No peace

My body is the living tomb

of my eternal spark

the leash of infinity

my human walks me in the park

I came from nothing

to return to everything

this life is the transition

a footnote worth mentioning

in between joy anger and sadness

I meditate on Madness


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