Mountains in My Mind ( A poem)

Mountains in my mind

mountains in my mind

The most dangerous terrain

It holds the richest jewels

the source of the deepest pain

I can climb for many days

In one Instant I can slip

to bounce upon the rocks

and plunge into its pits

It is misery and joy

It is heaven and is hell

It is liberation

It is a prison cell

Do I rest in its valleys?

or relentlessly approach the peak?

Do I utter words of reverence?

Alas I cannot speak

How do you explain something

to those who can’t understand

you turn it into art

and let destiny take your hand

The mountain is endless

at both the peak and the base

for above the peak rests another

into limitless space

The higher I climb

The greater the fall

The lower I stay

The smaller the awe

I can be at the base

in endless amounts of fear

or I can summit the summitless

before I disappear

My memory will fade

from the lips and minds of men

I will live on in infinity

In the light that is within


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