New Years By Month Tarot Reading (Tarot 10)

The following reading is a month by month reading.  The Months are read in a clockwise position with their position relative to the numbers on a clock.  The Sun card is a carry-over card that was the “you” card from yesterday’s reading.  The Star card was divined by finding the quintessence. To find the quintessence I added up all 12 “month cards” to make a single digit and reduced them by adding the numbers together.  All of the cards numerical value added together equaled 89, 8 + 9 = 17 The Star.

To get the most out of the following reading please take the time to interpret the symbols in your own meaning before looking at the description that follows each image.  Every element of each picture has a meaning and is there for a reason, determining the meaning in your own life will give you a more accurate reading when reading the descriptions.


The Anchor Card

XIX The Sun:

The Sun brings success and achievement and is one of the most positive cards in the major arcana.  IF you have had a challenging time, the Sun shows that every aspect of your life will improve.  You’ll also enjoy more energy, and if you or someone close has suffered from health problems, the card predicts recovery and a return to good health.  As a card of energy and growth, all your projects benefit now, so the Sun heralds a good time to nurture your creative endeavors, your business, and the relationships you have.

This card is also associated with children and the family.  It reveals good news about children in general and also about spending happy times with friends who make you smile.  You may be reunited with an old friend, partner, or family member.  In terms of a state of mind, the Sun shows you feeling carefree and creative, nurturing your inner child.

In a layout with “negative” cards, the sun has the power to shed a positive light on the whole reading.

Here’s some other good news the Sun can predict:

*Home: You feel comfortable and secure in your home – you may also feel more like entertaining others.  In particular, the Sun shows children coming into your home.

*Relationships: Partnerships bloom under the Sun as your relationship grows and you enjoy every minute together.  You may also take a trip away to a sunny place to escape everyday pressures.

*Career and money: The Sun does not specifically predict money but does show success and a position from which you can generate money.  The Sun shines on your career, too, as you get the acknowledgment you deserve.  Now is the time to bask in your success.



VIII of Swords: 

This card shows feeling trapped.  This may be due to a series of bad experiences and poor luck, and you begin to wonder if things can ever improve.  You may be anxious due to an unsatisfactory bond with an individual or an organization; specifically, you may be trapped by a credit agreement that leaves you little money for yourself.

This unfortunate Eight of Swords commonly reveals problems in careers and the intellectual or mental realm, showing frustration and, at it’s most extreme, panic.  Hemmed in and unhappy, you may be finding it impossible to do your work to your satisfaction due to unreasonable demands or disorganized management.  Also, there may be a sense of conversations going on behind closed doors that you are not party to, so you feel isolated and even vulnerable.  The card commonly arises in readings to show someone who is in a role that doesn’t suit them, but they are under pressure to conform – such as working in the family business or taking a course because it will lead to a profession, although it isn’t what they love doing at all.  Many creatives and lightworkers go through this experience of not fitting in, but it takes time and confidence to find your path.  You can release yourself from these bonds, but it will take determination, and you may need to swallow your pride and ask others for support and advice.  On a social level, the Eight of Swords can show you feeling humiliated or ignored, and you fear other’s attitudes toward you.  

An additional meaning of the card is illness and incapacity.  Again, this does not imply permanent disability, but a phase of physical restriction.



V of Wands:

The traditional meaning of this Five of Wands is competition, and the message is to hold your position, rather than compromise.  Unlike the 5 of Swords, this card does not predict outright battle, but there will be fiery opinions and a lack of agreement, at least for now.  Misunderstandings abound, particularly in work matters.  You may find yourself in meetings, during which everyone is talking at once, defending their position rather than reaching a consensus; it’s a fight just to be heard.

Scheduling problems and delays to travel plans are an additional meaning, so double-check travel documents and emails, appointments, accounts, and agendas; pay close attention to any written documents.

The Five of Wands often comes up in readings to show being surrounded by people with strong opinions, particularly in families; in education, it predicts that you will need to compete hard in tests or examinations – but you can succeed.  On a lighter note, the card can also show competitions that are important to you, such as sporting events.



IX of Pentacles:

The Nine ushers in a time of financial stability.  You can feel safe in your home and proud of your achievements.  At last, you can surround yourself with the material objects you enjoy, and you may find yourself redecorating your home or tending your garden or yard.  It’s time to appreciate all that you have, so leisure time beckons; treat yourself to whatever makes you happy and enjoy the fruits of your work.  You will be able to focus on your own needs without feeling guilty.  The Nine Also brings a sense of serenity and relaxation, so the card predicts you can feel at home, and at one, with yourself.

This card often comes up in a reading to show a woman of independent means, who is generous and well balanced.  In this way, the Nine of Pentacles is similar to the Queen of Pentacles, although the Queen’s influence is generally greater.  In work matters, the card can predict a financial reward, such as a bonus, for your efforts.



III of Cups:

It’s time to celebrate!  The Three shows parties and reunions – from anniversaries, christenings, weddings, and birthdays to a great night out or weekend away with friends and family.  This is a time for indulgence and reward, to enjoy other’s company, be carefree, and have simple fun.  There’s also a flirtatious air about this Three, so if you’re looking for a relationship, you’ll soon be in the perfect situation and mood for light-hearted love.

The Cups on the card are raised in a toast: There’s a feeling of abundance, but if you’re a wine rather than water drinker, or you’ve got a sweet tooth, you may be tempted to overindulge.  However, whatever your pleasure, the Three ultimately reveals emotional and/or physical healing.  Spending time with people who make you feel good raises your vibration and energy levels.  This positive influence can also soothe physical ailments that are triggered or exacerbated by stress.

As three is the number of creation, this shows a creative time – literally, with a pregnancy or birth, or in your creative goals.  Turn your focus to new ideas and share them, as whatever you do will be enjoyable and well received, and even rewarded, by others.  It’s time to let your talent shine.



XIII Death:

Death brings endings and new beginnings – sometimes all at once.  This is a time of fast and deep transformation and an opportunity to let go of whatever you no longer need.  Unlike card XX, Judgement, which signals a process of self – examination, Death’s impact is sudden and may be shocking.  You have little control over external events when Death looms, but in time you will be able to see this sharp change in circumstance as a blessing.  A break with the past – from relationships and friendships to work that is no longer satisfying – is the only way forward.  In this sense, Death can be a release and a relief.  Death, after all, is the ultimate reality check, and he leaves you with the bare bones, the truth.

In certain areas of life, Death can signify the following:

*Home: You need to find a new home; the place you are living no longer meets your needs.  New circumstances may offer an opportunity to relocate.

*Relationships: A relationship ends or there is a period of necessary separation.  In friendships, there will be an opportunity to reconnect when the time is right.

*Career and money: Signifying a career change or the ending of business partnerships or ways of bringing in income, death also suggests new opportunities on the horizon. Financially, this is a tough time, but money matters will improve so hold tight.



The Knight of Swords:

As an influence:

Unpredictable, tempestuous times are ahead – you’re in for a roller coaster drama of highs and lows.   Sudden truths may come to light or underlying conflicts are exposed.  This may be illuminating, stressful, or bewildering, depending upon your position.

The card often comes up to show disputes at work and tension within families and in romantic relationships.  While you may not be responsible for the cause of the trouble, what counts now is how you recover.  There is a way forward, but you may need to wait until the situation is calmer before you can make a move.

As a person:

The Knight of Swords is determined and driven, and he has a strong sense of himself and his mission.  He may be quirky and entertaining with an offbeat sense of humor, and he may even dress in a distinctive way.  Incisive, forthright, and intelligent he makes a strong advocate and is prepared to fight for his beliefs.  The downside is that he often makes his mark, gets bored and moves on.  In relationships, he may cause drama, but takes no responsibility for reconciliation, leaving others to make peace while he’s charging ahead with his next obsession.  In work, he can show up in readings to represent auditors and other assessors, such as doctors and lawyers, or consultants who are hired to fire, not fix – in short, professionals who are adept at diagnoses and whose opinion matter.  Ultimately, though, you are the one who will have to deal with the outcomes.

As the “you” card in a reading:

Expect the unexpected

As an influence:

If two or more Knights fall close together in a reading, the meanings are as follows

*Two Knights: Friendship

*Three Knights: Men meeting up

*Four Knights: Lots of action; events speed up



The King of Swords

As a person:

The King of Swords can be an intellectual or a man who relies on logic to help him win.  He is also open to ideas, although he can be impatient if he has to wait for a consensus before taking action.  However, he is outwardly calm and makes good judgments.  He often has a dry sense of humor and is very charming.  In readings, he can appear as a seductive man you meet at work or through other professional connections.

His ideal vocations include traditional professions, and you will often find him in powerful roles: doctor, judge, solicitor, or member of the armed forces or law enforcement; academic, IT, and research work may appeal, and in business, he is often a manager or director.  Whatever profession he chooses, he must be able to make decisions that make a difference, and preferably, have hands-on involvement.

As the “you” card in a reading:

Take charge

As an influence:

When the King of Swords arrives in a reading, the focus is on the mind rather than the heart.  You may be going through an intensive time of work or study.  In relationships and domestic affairs, it’s time to take the initiative.

If two or more Kings fall close together in a reading the meanings are as follows:

*Two Kings: A good partnership

*Three Kings: Influential men

*Four Kings: A power battle



IV The Emperor:

In a reading, The Emperor can denote a powerful man and the traditional male aspects of rulership and ambition.  As the consort of card III, The Empress, he signifies the husband or other intimate partner who is constant and trustworthy.  He is in control of his emotions, and comfortable with who he is.  Less appealing depending on your perspective is his need for conformity.  Although he may have ambition, tradition is essential to his happiness.

As a general influence or symbol of the self, he brings balance, security, and conventional values.  He reveals mastery of life and control over territory and predicts that problems can be overcome with careful planning and single-mindedness.  He shows a return to order, so his arrival in your reading is a welcome sign of improvement of your circumstances.  You may also be offered protection from someone you trust; you can also trust yourself to make the right decisions.

It’s time to live in the here and now, and use what practical resources you possess – wisdom, determination, and the skills of others – to realize your next steps.  Be the leader.

Here’s what he represents in specific areas of your life:

*Home:  Order and smooth running.  However, it is also important to set boundaries and protect what is yours.

*Relationships: A new partner, or focusing on practical matters and future planning in established partnerships.  Loyalty in Love.

*Career and money: Finances get organized and you plan how to balance expenditures.  You can expect to have fairness at work and to be sure of your goals; You will either enjoy this new structure or feel it stifles your creativity.



VI of Cups:

The 6 of cups reveals happy memories and a time to recall childhood with fondness.  Your children, if you love them, may help you reconnect with your own childhood, or you are able to give your inner child free rein to play and have fun without the usual burden of worries.  This is a time for good things coming from the past – reunion parties, reconnecting with old friends and more distant family members, or literally going back to your roots.  This card may predict a trip home or to a place with fond memories.  In some way, the past returns to help you in the present, too, as conversations and reminiscing with old friends or contacts seeds a new idea or approach.  
Overall you will find the right balance in relationships and enjoy a period of peace and harmony.  This six of cups also shows compassion and kindness, so if you have suffered poor treatment, your situation is set to improve.  Sweet, happy times are ahead, and any disruptions or upsets will be smoothed and remedied.  

In love, an old flame comes back, and you may need to weigh up if it is worth going back to the relationship.



XI Justice:

There will be a positive outcome.  This is a time when past errors or imbalances can be redressed.  You benefit from a fair system, provided you are accountable, honest, and deserving.  Equally, you may be the judge in your own life, using your perspective and integrity to make good decisions that will safeguard your future.  You make take a moral stand on an issue that affects you and those around you.  In legal matters, a decision is made or a ruling given, which goes in your favor; justice will be done and order restored.  On a spiritual level, Justices shows the working out of karma, or actions or consequences.

Justice shows a logical, considered influence.  It is a welcome arrival in your reading if life has felt chaotic.  It is a card of empowerment, advising you take a left-brain approach to take control.  Influential people favor you now, and your projects get support.  Listen to advice from people whom you respect.

Justice can indicate the following:

*Home: Legal issues concerning your property are resolved.  Contracts are signed and you can make progress.

*Relationships: While balance and practical issues are important now, take care that your emotional needs are met.  Find the right balance between work and relationships.

*Career and money: At work, you may be tested, but the outcome is positive; job interviews and negotiations are successful.  Financially, you are coming to the end of a frugal period – money matters are set to improve.



VII of Pentacles:

There’s a goal in sight, and you are close to achieving it – but now is not the time to stop and reflect.  The Seven of Pentacles is the card of doing, not philosophizing, so keep your focus on what you want and believe you can achieve it.  This effort may feel relentless, but your hard work will pay off.

The card often comes up in readings to show the need to keep the focus on your career goals or to work through a particularly tedious stage in a current project that leaves you feeling tired and deflated.   You might be tired of the relentlessness of it all, but the reward will come as long as you don’t falter.  Also, the Seven can show saving for a home or accruing funds and clients to expand a business.  In domestic affairs, the Seven of Pentacles can show there’s not enough money left for the little luxuries that make all the effort of saving worthwhile.  Whatever your situation, keep going – you are nearly there, and in the future, you will thank yourself for the dedication.



II of Wands:

The Two of Wands shows you making plans and moving forward, so travel arrangements are one meaning of the card.  In your work, you are gaining influence and proving your worth.  In return, you receive good support and advice.  The card can also show new creative partnerships and beginning a new project or enterprise.

As there are two wands on the card, there are also two aspects to your situation.  Consider what helps you on your path and any issues that hold you back.  make a plan that maximizes your strengths so your talent continues to shine.  An additional meaning of the Two of Wands is a new romantic partnership, and it often comes up in a reading to reveal that the relationship begins at work or through a mutual friendship or leisure interests.  Spiritually, too, you are feeling more connected within yourself and the world at large, so you may feel drawn to development courses or simply spending time connecting with nature.

Overall, great opportunities are on the way, allowing you to move up a level.  Make the most of these offers – your star is rising.


Quintessence Card 

 XVII The Star:

The Star offers hope and guidance, so if things have felt difficult recently, have faith that your luck is about to change for the better.  The Star is a powerful symbol of hope, and you can begin to appreciate everything life has to offer, including better physical and spiritual well-being.  The Star supports beauty, and creativity flows like the star-maidens water.  In your projects and relationships, you can be fully expressed, sharing your love, gifts, and talents.  The Star allows you to shine and show your Star quality, so your efforts are appreciated.  You may also feel more intuitive and insightful under the Star’s influence and have more trust in messages from your angels and guides.

The Star also shows good health.  It is the card of the healer and is traditionally associated with astrology.

The Star can also indicate the following:

Home:  You feel inspired to create beauty and style in your home, so craft projects and design are especially favored now.  If you have your eye on a dream home, it will come to you.

Relationships: The star shows you are destined to be with someone; it is time to find a soulmate.  Other existing relationships are calm and harmonious.

Career and money: The Star brings money luck.  Work you do begins to pay off, as you consider your long-term goals and given attention to what matters most.  Entrepreneurs may be guided to begin a new business, or you find you have a hidden talent you can put to good use.  The Star can also show awards and fame.

In Summary:

The year will have an abundance of opportunity for growth and success.  With the right attitude, dedication, and diligence we can receive rewards in every avenue of life.  The anchor card of the Sun will aid us in our journey in all aspects of the year if we let it.  The Quintessence card of The Star reminds us to remain hopeful, the Universe is conspiring in our favor.

All cards are from the Smith-Waite Deck and the original images are owned by US Games. 

All of the Descriptions are from the Ultimate Guide to Tarot by Liz Dean.

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Thank you for checking out the reading.

Love and Light, Namaste. – Ross



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