New Year's Tarot Reading (Tarot 9)

As we look forward to a new year I saw it only fitting to end the year with a reading focused on the beginning of that year.  As we are taking a journey into the unknown future it is only logical to start with the beginning of the Major Arcana.
To get the most out of the following reading please take the time to interpret the symbols in your own meaning before looking at the description that follows each image.  Every element of each picture has a meaning and is there for a reason, determining the meaning in your own life will give you a more accurate reading when reading the descriptions.
The Anchor Card – This card is the overlying theme that ties the whole reading together.  All of the following cards are representative of this card.

Major Arcana 0 The Fool
The Fool signifies calculated risk.  It’s never too late to begin anew and follow your heart’s desire.  The journey ahead is not without danger, but it is time to take a leap of faith.  This card augers well for those embarking on new enterprises and educational courses, provided sensible planning is in place; this is a time for optimism and a fresh perspective.
The Fool brings an opportunity to start over and feel young again or excited at the prospect of a new way of living; the Fool is an embodiment of your spirit, whether male or female, ready to explore and discover.  Whatever you start now will go well, provided you do look before you leap – but once the decision is mad it’s time to push forward and not look back; have courage, commit to your path, and be full in the moment.  The Fool’s appearance in a reading can bring a sigh of relief, in that there is now a way ahead.  Welcome in the new and travel lightly.
Here are some insights the Fool can offer in particular areas of life:
Home: The Fool can show a young person leaving home for the first time.  Also, surprise visitors could call.  You may also have younger guests in your home.
Relationships: A new relationship – go with the flow at this point.
Career and money: You may have a sabbatical or a new opportunity in your current job or a new career or enterprise.  Prioritizing your workload is also the key to moving ahead swiftly.
You and Your Situation

Major Arcana XIX The Sun:
The Sun brings success and achievement and is one of the most positive cards in the major arcana.  IF you have had a challenging time, the Sun shows that every aspect of your life will improve.  You’ll also enjoy more energy, and if you or someone close has suffered from health problems, the card predicts recovery and a return to good health.  As a card of energy and growth, all your projects benefit now, so the Sun heralds a good time to nurture your creative endeavors, your business, and the relationships you have.
This card is also associated with children and the family.  It reveals good news about children in general and also about spending happy times with friends who make you smile.  You may be reunited with an old friend, partner, or family member.  In terms of a state of mind, the Sun shows you feeling carefree and creative, nurturing your inner child.
In a layout with “negative” cards, the sun has the power to shed a positive light on the whole reading.
Here’s some other good news the Sun can predict:
*Home: You feel comfortable and secure in your home – you may also feel more like entertaining others.  In particular, the Sun shows children coming into your home.
*Relationships: Partnerships bloom under the Sun as your relationship grows and you enjoy every minute together.  You may also take a trip away to a sunny place to escape everyday pressures.
*Career and money: The Sun does not specifically predict money but does show success and a position from which you can generate money.  The Sun shines on your career, too, as you get the acknowledgment you deserve.  Now is the time to bask in your success.
The risks

The Knight of Pentacles:
As an influence:
Showing financial growth and a good investment, this card means plans concerning property progress.  With strategizing and setting a realistic goal, you will succeed.  Pay attention to the practical details now, and future benefits are assured.  Day to day, this Kight asks you to get through boring and routine, but essential, tasks.  In work, the card can indicate more money coming to you due to a raise, bonus, or promotion, but you may need to work harder in return.
An additional meaning of the card is finding a secure home, potentially with a partner.
As a person:
This Knight is loyal and dependable.  He is a natural protector, and security is very important to him.  He may work in property or finance.
As a potential partner, he has much to offer and is genuine.  For some, he may lack excitement, as he plans rather than reacts; he can be slow to judge and to express his feelings and keeps on safe subjects.  Depending on what you need from a relationship, he could be a gift – your rock through thick and thin.  If you crave excitement, he won’t be entertaining enough to capture your heart.
As the “you” card in a reading: 
Invest your time wisely.  Be consistent in your efforts.
As an influence:
If two or more Knights fall close together in a reading, the meanings are as follows:
*Two Knights: Friendship
*Three Knights: Men meeting up
*Four Knights: Lots of Action; Events speed up
The potential rewards

5 of Wands:
The traditional meaning of this Five of Wands is competition, and the message is to hold your position, rather than compromise.  Unlike the 5 of Swords, this card does not predict outright battle, but there will be fiery opinions and a lack of agreement, at least for now.  Misunderstandings abound, particularly in work matters.  You may find yourself in meetings, during which everyone is talking at once, defending their position rather than reaching a consensus; it’s a fight just to be heard.
Scheduling problems and delays to travel plans are an additional meaning, so double-check travel documents and emails, appointments, accounts, and agendas; pay close attention to any written documents.
The Five of Wands often comes up in readings to show being surrounded by people with strong opinions, particularly in families; in education, it predicts that you will need to compete hard in tests or examinations – but you can succeed.  On a lighter note, the card can also show competitions that are important to you, such as sporting events.
What you gain

The Knight of Swords:
As an influence:
Unpredictable, tempestuous times are ahead – you’re in for a roller coaster drama of highs and lows.   Sudden truths may come to light or underlying conflicts are exposed.  This may be illuminating, stressful, or bewildering, depending upon your position.
The card often comes up to show disputes at work and tension within families and in romantic relationships.  While you may not be responsible for the cause of the trouble, what counts now is how you recover.  There is a way forward, but you may need to wait until the situation is calmer before you can make a move.
As a person:
The Knight of Swords is determined and driven, and he has a strong sense of himself and his mission.  He may be quirky and entertaining with an offbeat sense of humor, and he may even dress in a distinctive way.  Incisive, forthright, and intelligent he makes a strong advocate and is prepared to fight for his beliefs.  The downside is that he often makes his mark, gets bored and moves on.  In relationships, he may cause drama, but takes no responsibility for reconciliation, leaving others to make peace while he’s charging ahead with his next obsession.  In work, he can show up in readings to represent auditors and other assessors, such as doctors and lawyers, or consultants who are hired to fire, not fix – in short, professionals who are adept at diagnoses and whose opinion matter.  Ultimately, though, you are the one who will have to deal with the outcomes.
As the “you” card in a reading:
Expect the unexpected
As an influence: 
If two or more Knights fall close together in a reading, the meanings are as follows
*Two Knights: Friendship
*Three Knights: Men meeting up
*Four Knights: Lots of action; events speed up
Advice and likely outcome

8 of Wands:
Along with the Ace, the Eight of Wands is one of the most positive cards of the suit.  It brings lots of communication, so you may be inundated with emails, calls, and exciting offers.  If you have felt held back or stuck waiting for decisions, you will soon have positive news.  All your projects grow wings, moving swiftly forward.  Just be prepared for the shift; fast, frantic events will energize you, but you will also need to prioritize any offers.  Don’t feel you have to say yes to everything.  Choose wisely and enjoy the frenetic, exciting influence.
In a relationship, the Eight of Wands can bring great news about love, particularly if you have been separated from a partner recently or are waiting to hear from a potential partner.  You may be traveling soon to see one another.
Additionally, the card has often come up in readings to show the professions of carpentry and scaffolding – work that involves using or building a framework.
Reading as a whole:
As we journey into the new year, we can expect it to be a good adventure.  The Sun shines on us and dims any of the shadows that await us in the New Year.  The risk we face is no risk at all with focus and hard work. The Knight of Pentacles heralds in the possibility for financial growth and a good investment if we pay attention to details and work diligently. The potential reward of the 5 of wands may not be apparent but it lies in the resolution.  This card doesn’t represent actual warfare but competition, perseverance is needed but victory can be achieved and will be aided by the Sun.  The Sun also shines on The Knight of Swords, who may not seem like something we want to “gain”. As the second Knight in the reading, he shows friendship and can be viewed as a new ally to help you in the times ahead if you are willing to accept that it may not be the reward you want but the reward you need.  The Eight of Wands offers us the advice of being prepared for a shift, and the likely outcome of success in many avenues is increased in the illumination of the sun.
Have a Happy New year, I intend to do a month by month reading of the New Year tomorrow morning.
All cards are from the Smith-Waite Deck and the images are owned by US Games.  All of the Descriptions are from the Ultimate Guide to Tarot by Liz Dean.
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