Non-resistance may seem the path of a fool but I now disagree.  For a long time, I wrongfully assumed that I needed to be rigid and unmoving during the hurricanes of life.  I imagined myself as a lone samurai or monk standing before a storm. I  maintained my foot-hold and was resilient, rooted and resistant to the breaking point.  How foolish of me.

My perception now is to follow the wisdom of Confucius and practice non-resistance.  When the winds of life blow their hardest, I go with them, only to return to center when they pass.   When the waves of the world come crashing in on my life, I embrace the ebb and flow without being swept to sea.  As a recovering addict,  I cannot resist reality, I must embrace it and not be pushed to emotional reaction,  I am far too familiar with the results. I am not perfect in doing this or anything else, however, I have seen progress.

“The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in the storm.” – Confucius


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