Normal is the mental illness of the masses

You may call me crazy

You may think yourself sane

society your psych ward

society your straight jacket

ego your medication

collectivism your support group

mental illness is so common

recovery is rare

every day yours is progressing

every day it continues to spread

a newborn’s mind is a canvas

we paint with our own shit

we feed them cultural illness

we feed them well-known lies

we program them to obey

we program them to hate

we program them to poison

we program them to hide

grow up to be a number

grow up to live a lie

grow up to be the walking dead

grow up to be a cog

we are what we produce

many of us hate our own results

they would be so much better

if they acted like we wanted

we don’t accept our creations

they must act a certain way

we wrap them in our plague

my madness is a cure

the sanitation of insanity

you think yourself as normal

normal doesn’t exist

that concept is a fallacy

your perception programmed it

Normal is your beliefs

echoed in another

Normal is your actions

repeated infinitely

Normal is the mental illness of the masses

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