Ross Cessna
Ross Cessna

Above all Ross’ life has been a wild ride. He spent much of his 20’s traveling the U.S. and looking for a change.  As a result of the ways he sought to change a spiritual emergency in the summer of 2012 altered the course of Ross’ life.  Choosing to ignore his path led Ross down an ever-darkening road.  Eventually faced with no other options Ross committed to changing his life.  On September 2, 2016, Ross stopped the use of recreational drugs and began recovery.   Spiritual phoenix studios was born early on in Ross’ recovery process.  The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast came next.  This whole process has been about healing and growth.  Spiritual Phoenix Studios is your chance to participate in the evolution of a soul and to ignite your own experience.

In recovery Ross Cessna has:

  • Come off mental health meds with a doctors blessing.
  • Developed a regular meditation, tai-chi, and yoga practice.
  • Recorded over 60 hours of Podcast Audio.
  • Self Published his first book.
  • Spoken at length about mental health and addiction

Ross’ Mission with Spiritual Phoenix Studios

Inspiring Spirituality, Aiding Alchemy

Inspiring Spirituality

First of all, we inspire spirituality with the content we share.  We show the rewards of an ever-expanding spiritual process.  For that reason, we encourage you to listen to the podcast, read the blog and follow us on social media.  Another way we inspire spirituality is with the items in our shop.

Aiding Alchemy

Regardless of where you are on your spiritual path, we can help.  As a result of Ross’ unique experience, he can offer you insight few others can or will.  Our services give you the opportunity to enlist Ross’ gifts to aid your journey.  If you seek a more hands-on approach take some classes on our Thinkific Page.  We also have a private facebook group, The Temple of Mushin, that is open to anyone from the beginner to the seasoned spiritual practitioner.  We all have something to learn from one another.