Scripture of the secret sun

The Sun it is shining upon me

That which has me bound and blinded

A second sun shall clear

Insight is gained through patience

From here the seeds of creation sprout

Taking root to build a foundation

will blossom into abundance inside and out

decisions made with precision

manifest adventurous work

whose rewards will be bountiful

so let’s plant them in the dirt

Nurtured even through dark times

As two lucky lights twinkle in the abyss

A secret that is hidden

also, shines over all of this

So let’s manifest the most

in every thought and word

we’ll put them into action

to illuminate the herd

the mind is the temple

a word of double means

two eyes to see the illusion

the third for the unseen

I am loved I am supported

I am strong I am brave

I am Love, I am light

I am wisdom, I am harmony

I am truth, I am vitality

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