The Art of Recovery Unity Art Project

The following project was conceptualized under the widely accepted belief that art is therapeutic, we could all use some therapy, we are all connected as human beings regardless of differences, and connecting with other people is therapeutic as well. By actively creating a Unity Art Project we are collectively creating Unity. It also has a secondary intent of allowing the artist to create what they hope to manifest in their life as they continue to evolve. Since the art project will be on display on the internet as it grows, many other people will see your contribution and the Intent of manifestation will then have a collective consciousness focused on it.

(The Image above is a personal art project focused on manifesting the image with the rune, but the Unity Art Project will be built using a similar concept of connecting energy flows)

Here is a list of the necessary supplies. All items are linked to the product on Amazon. Buying using the links will allow me to earn a small fraction of the cost of the items at no extra charge to you.  I ask if you are going to buy the items, please use my links to help support my work.  I understand if you don’t want to and I will not know if you bought your products through the link or not.  It is not a requisite for the project, it is just a suggestion.

  1. 5 x 5-inch square canvas.
  2. Fine Detail paint brush set.
  3. Bright Colored Acrylic Paint.
  4. A palette wooden or plastic.
  5. Glossy Acrylic sealing spray.
  6. Fine Point Sharpie markers.
  7. A Geometry Set with the following:
    1. Ruler at least 5 inches
    2. Compass with regular pencil
    3. Pencil Sharpener
    4. Quality Eraser


In order for this project to work, there are several rules that must be followed.

  1. You must measure according to the directions below.
  2. You must use vibrant colors
  3. You must have symmetry in your painting
  4. You must follow the directions below
  5. You must seal the paintings with Glossy Acrylic sealer.

If you mail your painting, you will not get it back, it becomes a part of the project.


1) Find the middle of each side and put a dot on the 2.5 inch mark

2. After marking each side draw a line from the left to right, top to bottom.

3) After drawing your lines, make a visible dot in the absolute center of the drawing. Also, make a small line a 1/4 above and a 1/4 below the lines on each side.

4) After you create the 1/2 inch wide spaces on each side, erase the center lines, leave only the dot in the center and the 4 half inch wide “channels”

5) Next, you will need your compass.

6) Place the metal tip of your compass on the center dot and create a circle of your desired size.  You don’t want to make it t0o big or too small.

7) Draw some shapes with symmetry.  In the example below I used half circles, you can use triangles, squares, diamonds, whatever geometrical shape resonates with you.

8) Draw “Energy Channels” from the half inch spaced middles on each side.  You want to leave space for the “energy” to flow around your painting.

9) Add other symmetrical geometric patterns outside of your energy channels.  You don’t have to make it all the same shape and pattern but it must be balanced.  If you want to do two patterns echo it by having the top left match the bottom right and the bottom left corner matching the top right. 

10) Further the symmetry.  You don’t have to use the same geometric shape as I did with the circles here.  You can have a circle, 2 squares, and a triangle or whatever as long as it follows the symmetry rule listed above.

11) Now you are ready to trace the object with your fine point sharpie.  Be careful, go slow, and have fun.  

12) Now that your painting is outlined and you have let the sharpie dry you will want to make sure you have all smudges from the pencil erased. Some lighter colors will allow the led pencil to bleed through. 

13) You may add a Rune to the Center of the circle. If you do you must place the type of Rune on the back.  (I.E.  The rune in the picture of my manifestation art project is an inner peace rune)

14) You may create your own Rune. Just write what the name of the Rune is on the back.

15) Colors must be vibrant.  This project is about infusing positive energy and collective creation.  Colors to avoid painitng would be black, grey, brown and darker shades of colors.  

16) Infuse your personality into it.  These rules are simply for overall cohesion.  There is a lot of room for personal creativity to shine through.  You can use various techniques such as pointilism or other methods to make your contribution unique.

17) To save yourself postage and also to keep my mailing address out of the hands of spammers. Please send me an email to Ross at Thespiritualphoenix dot com (written to prevent spammers) with an image of your painting.

18) I would like to keep everyones names associated with their work.  This is optional if you wish to retain anonymity.  If you have a webpage or project I can attach a link to that in the running list of submissions.

19) Have fun and be creative.

20) There are 4 Different types of “pieces” suited for the energy to flow.  Use the image below to get a better understanding.  Please write top and bottom on the back of your canvas so I can display it as you intend.

To start I advise that people create paintings similar to the image in the top left corner of the diagram.  This digram is just  a rough concept and isn’t balanced perfectly but I will update it over time if it is problematic.

I intend to have this project last as long is resonable.  The dreamer in me says to continue it as long as I am alive with hopes of others adding on after my death.  It will evolve, it will grow.  It isn’t going to happen overnight, but It will happen.  Slow steady growth is better than none at all.

Thanks for your interest and happy creating.

Love and Light. Namaste. Ross.

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