The Butterly Lotus

In the depths of darkness

a seed had been planted

nourished by the crap

that comes with a faulty perception

this seed’s taproot was a light

an atom-sized sun

in an infinite abyss of obsidian

as the seed’s roots extended

it was akin to lightning

on a moonless night

this network of life support

extracted the toxic elements

of lived experience

processed them into nutrients

after a time bioluminescent leaves developed

absorbing the refracted light

of similar plants

growing in the garden of the all

the tortured tears of trauma

watered the arid substrate

as a smile formed amidst a tempest

the eye of the all fell upon it

quicker than an instant

a bud appeared from the leaves

non-existent, then having existed since it’s inception

blossoming as a lotus lit by soul shine

it’s center a stigma that illumined

with the radiance of stars

a cocoon for chrysalis

before a neon butterfly emerges

sustaining itself from its source

only to fly away to pollinate the invisible landscape of eternity



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