The Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm

I woke up this morning

from a recurring dream

my mind had been a swamp

murky, dark, humid, hot

and in it, I was lost

In the midst of my internal everglades

I was neck deep in the stagnant cloudy waters

Beneath the surface lay a breeding ball of snakes

writhing around my body

in any available space, I could feel the death rolls

of crocodiles and alligators

that huddled, crowded, cold-blooded movement

echoed throughout my rotting soul

In the distance was a hurricane

it came progressively closer

I could smell the salt on its winds

and taste the electricity in its air

The stagnant waters became turbulent

A lightning bolt ignited the thick damp over brush on the bank

I was trapped in the water, imprisoned by a multitude of monsters

multiplying my misery in each movement and moment

The ever increasing pitch began to manifest more natural disasters

Tornados trampled across the burning landscape

flinging flaming debris into distant recesses of my mind

As the Mental Appocaplyse reached its crescendo

the earth shook toppling trees and splitting soil

The reptiles wrapped themselves tighter around my body

the frenzy of their movements magnified

The twitching of their tails enticed a Tsunami

Amidst the burning, churning, spinning, shaking, misery of my mind

A ray of hope pierced the veil for one moment

Only within that ray of hope that engulfed me

did the waters stop swirling, did the earth stop trembling,

did the fires become smothered, did the winds stop their insanity

In that moment of calm, the eye of the storm, I found my peace

Only to be swallowed by a tidal wave

And in the death of my dream, I woke up here

my eyes opened in heaven, the life after death

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