The Jailer, the key and the cell

Sometimes darkness consumes me

A limitless abyss inside

My soul is a black hole

Dead stars in my eyes 

My brain is a black light 

Exposing all the stains

My heart a moonless night 

Venom in my veins

My tongue spews only toxins

To those within reach

Who I am forgotten

From myself I did retreat

My ears hear only dirges

For the dead who rise

My light has been extinguished 

My faith i did deny

All my dreams on the pyre

Till this eclipse subsides

Until then I survive

In a living hell

I am the jailer, key, and cell

Tormented Buddha at tree

For a thousand years

Witnessing on repeat

All of my worst fears

I have been abandoned 

By myself in turn 

I lost sight of the light

Until then I must burn

In writhing fire of my past

Eventually I will arise

A Phoenix from the ash

With the fire inside

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