The Myth of Legend

There was a boy, born into the mysteries, loved by many but he was born with a curse.  He was allergic to many things and spent many days under the supervision of the healers in his land.  Eventually, they had healed him, at least for a time.  Soon after he began to get better, the mysteries did as the mysteries do and saw it fit to take his aunt by her own hand.  The world turned cold after she was gone, and the boy had his first thought of death, it was cold, black and empty like how he felt in his soul.  He had forgotten the mysteries and the mysteries had forgotten him.

Soon, after the world was covered in ice and darkness.  The forces of the fates saw it fit to rip apart his family and the curse he was given manifested again but in a more vicious form.  He started to fade, although he existed and could see the world go on around him, he became transparent.  He found out a cure for his transparency, it was the act of being another, so he created a second skin and lived behind the mask.

The issue with the second skin was that it had a mind of its own and it was too late when the boy realized the skin had grown around him, controlled him and had trapped him.  He tried many potions, herb’s and fungi to try and dissolve its hold. One day, after taking the wrong mixture of herbs he felt like he was dying, he resigned himself to death and had no fear of the cold, black emptiness he had witnessed before.  However, a voice spoke to him, you know the secrets of ancients and many strange symbols flashed before his eyes, he saw the blackness he had witnessed before, but he saw a light being born, and around this light, a planet form, develop life, have civilization, the collapse of the planet and the star burnout.  He then awoke trapped in the same skin and then back to his life in the second skin.

He pondered over what he had experienced for a time and then resumed his quest to remove the second skin.  He hated the second skin, he hated who he had made himself into.  One day he met a goddess, for the mysteries had been reduced and he placed upon the land the living divinities.  This goddess gave him warmth he had forgotten, she healed his wounds, but the second skin was in control, it warped his mind and manifested all sorts of horrors.  The horror was it placed the invisible boy outside and the second skin inside.  Now he had a beast controlling the invisible self he was.  Eventually, his actions caught the attention of the mysteries the boy had abandoned.

The mysteries sent him on a journey, where the skin was removed and he was visible. It was between the highest vibration of reality and the lowest.  During this time the boy was told who he was would return and the earth trembled at his feet.  He was visible again, but the damage had been done, his body lay emaciated, his mind ravaged.  He was sent to the healers of his town and they acknowledged his curse and they saved him the only way they knew how.  Removing the soul he had just found, leaving him the shell again.

He drifted after this, between 3 worlds, but mainly lived in the lowest of realms.  The mysteries found this broken boy, who had grown into the shape of a man and saw fit to again, give him his soul, but they realized they had to do it slowly.  So bit by bit, they poured his soul back into the broken boy, mixed with ambrosia.  They told the healers the boy was not cursed, that he had brought this upon himself and although they told the boy in the man’s frame.  He could not believe for he hadn’t had enough gold and ambrosia.

Eventually, his skin faded and he became invisible again.  Until a regular woman, much to his surprise, saw him.  She saw him, could hear him and would listen to him.  The light and heat of the world returned again. They spent countless hours and bit by bit he came back to life but the foolish boy in the man’s reverted back to the same potions and herbs to try and make himself more visible.  When he succeeded in becoming more visible, the second skin emerged and became more dominant, until one day, the boy in the man’s skin remembered the mysteries and surrendered his life.

He became visible as himself yet again and this time he happened upon a group like him.  They told him, they too had been invisible and controlled by a second skin.  At first all he saw on the invisible skin was scars, wounds, he saw all the pain etched into him, over time, with the help of the group of others, he healed himself, until he reached a point where again the mysteries spoke to him, this time it wasn’t in cryptic riddles it was a direct message.

You see little one, you were never invisible, you were never cursed, you were never broken.  I didn’t let those things you have been through happen by accident, I let them happen because you are stronger than you knew.  You have a purpose, and your purpose lay underneath those layers, that which what I told you was a curse, is a blessing, you know my mysteries or as much as I will allow for now.  Lay down the potions, and the herbs and I will continue to reveal more of my secrets to you and although you may never be written into the books of history you will be great by little actions, your legacy will live on through the love you share, through your ideas and through the ripples your life creates in the world.  Your purpose is to heal and make the invisible visible.  Do you know your name little one?  “I am Legend”

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