The Spiritual Warriors

Within us all is the riddle of the Sphynx

No two riddles the same

They are engrained in us

unique like our fingerprints

or DNA

We share commonalities

that are cross-cultural

that span gender

sexual identity

religious affiliation

political dogma

these commonalities

escape from any prison

climb any wall we build

cross any bridge we burn

because they are spirits

inherent in any living being

the issue is the world is afraid of ghosts

not the ghosts of the spirit

but the specters of thoughts

they create

they release these psychic poltergeists

on others

and in doing so

the masses attempt to exorcise

in others

the demons that they themselves conjured

The spiritual warriors are the ones

who have ventured

into the true heart of darkness


to battle the evil entities

they have accepted from others

and ultimately created

within themselves

The Spiritual warriors

are artists, mystics, and priests

who share their war stories

from the timeless civil war

Of us against ourselves

They have answered the riddle

of their sphinx

The Spiritual warriors trade their weapons

for pens, paintbrushes, and clay

their blood is the pigment

a multitude of

of infinite colors

They are leaders not by choice or force

but by attraction from their truth

however, they lead not by hierarchy

but by linear acceptance

they battle fear in the world

not by guerilla tactics

but side by side

spaced like a search party

to find the wounded opposition

and obliterate them through healing

they are those who answer the call

that rings within the soul of us all

because they recognize

often times after the fact

that to do anything less

would be living death

that comes from

the sacrifice of self

Their battle cry is peace

through creation

and slaying the fear

that resides

in the profaned temples

of our minds

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