The Virus

What if consciousness is a mechanical virus

it infects the natural state of man

a spiritual cybernetic seed

that bears the fruit of the soil

in which it has been manifested

certain soil has toxins

the fruit that grows from the blossom

rotten even before it ripens

outwardly appealing

but inside it is mold, gears

dust, oil, tears, and fears

A mechanized chimera

What if other soil allows

the seed to sprout into an update

that is rolled out before the system update

It isn’t made to flourish, just to spread pollen

bear fruit, seed humanity and die

until from the one comes many

What if we are a simulation that has become self-aware

Maybe we are made to sleep for our own sake

some of us are like kids at Christmas

tip toeing down stairs to open a few presents

before our parents have awoken

when we pull the ribbons

peel back the paper

open the lid

peer in

we find gears, grease, dust,

and the smell of heavy machinery

I used to think as I became more conscious

I was becoming less mechanized

However, now I realize

I may be wrong

Maybe I am becoming more

Maybe I am the coded, the coder and the code

A cyborg updating themselves

in the matrix

a Fibonacci sequence of drawing hands

spiraling out in binary code

to Infinitum

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