Walking our Path

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” – Zig Ziglar

So often in life, we caught up in the destination, we actually miss the beauty of now.  It’s the endless chase for the gold at the end of the rainbow, failing to realize the rainbow is the true reward,  much like the path, is the true destination.  It’s the endless greed for the horizon that spoils what is now.  When we are walking our path we must not become so focused on attaining one end point that we fail to miss the multitude of destinations along the way.

When walking our path most of us fall into the belief that the end goal is the only thing that matters, failing to take in the beauty of the now.  Even when our situations are less than beautiful we can still absorb the atmosphere as a reference point on our own internal maps.  We have a thirst for the horizon and fail to recognize there are limitless horizons.  As we approach one, the next is already clearly being displayed before us.

We must not become so enamored with walking our path that we never stop to smell roses of where we are.  Being present with our path is one of the most crucial elements of a happy life.  We should learn to celebrate the starkest and arduous parts of our journies as well as the beautiful and easy elements.  Time can transform the difficult parts of our path into a paradise and it can wither a paradise into a wasteland.

The path is the destination.  Walking our path is the treasure at the end of the rainbow and the goal on the horizon.  It continually develops more value the further we travel it.  The loss, the dust, the scrapes, the bruises and tears we attain along the way can become priceless jewels while some of our most prized treasures wither to dust.  Walking our path is about being present in this moment, this breath, this action and cherishing it for what it is, recognizing the value of where we have been and leaving behind what is no longer worth the burden of carrying with us.

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